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December 14, 2009
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Azurite Captain by Just1Rebel Azurite Captain by Just1Rebel
Hard boots thudded on the smooth stone floor. Again, and again. The footfalls would sound here for ages to come.

"Even though I will not hear them."

"Did you say something, my lord?" the nervous attendant at his side asked carefully.

"No, no," he shooed away the unimportant question. "Just hurry me through these halls, I must speak to Saimar."

-"Yes, Captain."

They continued on, torches along the walls their only light, casting deep shadows on the rough stone walls. The Captain could almost feel the tons of mountain above them as they reached the very back of the complex that housed the leader of the Azurite Alliance. The servant showed him in and left quickly.

"Saimar. I'm sure you know what I have come to say. I have had the dream. My time shortens by the moment and we approach the enemy gates by the second."

-"Dear captain," the rebel leader stood, face stricken.

"I am in my hundredth year," he said easily, "despite my body and face being the very same I had during my twentieth. And I have had the dream. I will lead the battle in a week's time. And I will lose my life for the Alliance to resist."

Saimar looked for a long time at his lifelong friend, scars and markings worn proudly on his handsome face, fair hair blocking off one of his sharp, if darkly ringed, eyes. Swords were slung over his back in the customary cross and the gleam of silver shone from the rank armor on his shoulder.

"A week...You will win it for us, I'm sure, my friend." He rose and grasped his friend's arm.

"Be sure that when the time comes, I will deliver your dream," the captain smiled.

He turned on his heel with a last salute and advanced through the complex until the chill mountain air was on his face. He could see the rebel armies camped in the distance. The armies he would lead to his own death.

"So be it." But there was a smile of acceptance.

Just wrote it for this picture. I really pictured him as a captain though. And we all know I have a thing for the "rebel alliance" type of war.
Oh yeah, and it's all in pen!! ^__^
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Wonderful! Such great details dat make it more expressive =)
Just1Rebel Dec 16, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks! ^_^
Just1Rebel Dec 15, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
thanks ^_^
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