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In the Street by Just1Rebel In the Street by Just1Rebel
"Again, Taisuke?" she sighed with exasperation. He grinned sheepishly at her. "You're just too much some days." She herded him over to sit down on the windowsill and went to work.

"I can't just let them go," he winced as she applied the ointment to his scratched face, "They think this city will let them do whatever they want."

"The city is one thing, Taisuke," she told him gently, albeit with another sigh, "an illegal orphan schoolboy is something else. It's not your job to protect the city." She finished smoothing the strips over the slit wound under his eye and shoved him playfully toward the door. "Get to class, boy."

"Yes ma'am," seventeen-year-old Taisuke sighed. But he entered the hallway with a grin.

The Ascension—
Taisuke isn’t just a good Samaritan, he’s practically a saint! Fluent in three languages besides his own native Japanese and English, Taisuke is the perfect student, a dream to the parents he never had. He’s disciplined, polite, handsome, and often late to school for chasing after street criminals on his way. Taisuke is a Fate, a soldier of the Ascension, sworn to light the shadows cast by the Current. Taisuke works his hardest to do good, hoping to reach ArchAngel, the top rank in the Ascension while, worlds away, others his age aspire to the Current's DarkAngels. Can Taisuke turn tides and his own heart, when the enticing offer of his younger days to join the Current resurfaces? Or will he begin to descend…
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